General Terms and Conditions



DP Events will accept delegate bookings by signed DP Events Management Ltd booking forms sent by post, completed and returned booking forms sent by email, purchase orders, confirmation of attendance in writing or by email or by a verbal instruction. All bookings are confirmed and accepted and are on the understanding that our Terms & Conditions apply.


The person who confirms the booking to attend our forum(s) shall be deemed by DP Events Management Ltd to have full authority to commit the company they work for or who they represent to attend. Once a booking confirmation is received, the company is committed to send a delegate to the forum. Any company who has confirmed their attendance will have no right to claim against DP Events Management Ltd for any person they claim did not have authority to confirm the booking or any person who has left their company or who no longer represents their company.


Cancellations or no shows will be dealt with as stated in our Terms & Conditions. For any forum that is moved to an alternative date within 12 months of the arranged stated date, all bookings will be transferred and Terms & Conditions will remain unchanged.


If DP Events Management Ltd fully cancel a forum, any payments received by us from delegates will be refunded. This includes payments to attend the forum and does not include any other associated costs including flights, travel, print, media, material costs, planning costs and costs for loss of revenue or time.

Force Majeure of Arrangement

If our forum is abandoned, postponed or limited in any way resulting in unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, strikes, lockouts, war, Acts of God, action by the venue, health/pandemic issues and intervention by a Council or Government or any other reason beyond our control, there shall be no claims against DP Events in respect to any loss or damages to the delegate and our Terms & Conditions shall not be reduced.



It is the delegates responsibility to travel to the venue where the forum takes place and each delegate must ensure that their company/personal insurance cover is in place. DP Events will accept no claims for any travel related matters.


The Venue

All attending delegates and their company must agree to adhere to the Terms & Conditions of the venue where the forum is held. Any incidents or disputes between the delegate and the venue must be dealt with directly between the two parties as DP Events will not be held liable or responsible. Any cost incurred by delegates that are not included within the DP Events delegate package will be settled directly between the delegate and the venue.


The Forum

All delegates must agree to accept and work to the DP Events format and schedule during the forum. All delegates will be provided with business schedules at a forum that includes their pre-arranged business appointments and attendance at networking and social functions, and gala/dinner functions. All delegates must behave in a manner appropriate to the business forum they are attending.



To ensure the health and wellbeing of all delegates, staff, and the general public at our forums we will be working in line at all times with both the current government and the forum venue guidelines, regarding social distancing, group numbers and also any guidelines regarding food service, beverage service, hygiene and queue management.

Regarding any current or future guidelines set, we reserve the right to be able to change the format/schedule of our forums to suit these. We also reserve the right to change timings and adjust meal/beverages services to suit.

If our forum must be moved to a different date, we will transfer all delegate bookings to the new date for no additional costs. No refunds will be given because we will have committed to all costs to the venue and to organising the forum. Our terms and conditions on cancellation will remain in place.

If desired all delegates should bring with them to the forum personal hygiene products including hand sanitiser and facemasks/PPE. All delegates must agree to maintain good hygiene practice and regularly wash their hands in line with the government recommendations.

All delegates must agree to fully adhere to all the government and forum venue directions and policies at all times.



DP Events Management Ltd will not accept any responsibility for loss of time, money or inconvenience caused as a result of the forum being cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of DP Events Management Ltd. If the date is changed by DP Events Management Ltd, the delegate will be asked to reconfirm their attendance at the new date.


DP Events Management Ltd will not be held responsible for any injury or accident sustained by any delegate during the period of the forum. In particular, any participation by a delegate in any sporting/leisure activities or pursuits is undertaken at the total wish and risk of the delegate.


DP Events Management Ltd will not be held responsible for health or well-being of any delegate who attend their forums.


DP Events Management Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage caused to or loss of any items or property during the period of the forum. Any such damage must be dealt with by the delegate and the other party involved.


DP Events Management Ltd will not be held responsible for any incidents that may arise as a result of consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs.


DP Events Management Ltd will not be held responsible for the loss of any time (social or business) or any costs incurred by the delegate’s company during the forum.


If the forum is cancelled by DP Events Management Ltd no liability for any consequential loss to the delegate or the delegate’s employer is accepted.


DP Events Management Ltd will not accept any excuse for cancellation of a delegate. This includes illness, other business arrangements, transport/travel delays or any other reason. The company that the delegate is representing must either send a replacement delegate or pay the cancellation fee. The person(s) who completes this booking form regardless of their position/job role within their company will be committing to the attendance of their company to the forum.


Unless DP Events Management Ltd has been paid in full or the delegate has made a special agreement in writing, no guests will be allowed to join the delegate at the forum. Any guests will be charged the full hotel rates/costs and billed directly by the hotel for immediate payment.


Any delegate with special dietary requirements must make DP Events Management Ltd aware of this at the time of booking. This includes providing us with a detailed brief of your specific allergies.


Whilst DP Events Management Ltd and the venue can do all they can to accommodate requests, there will be surcharges incurred and these will be discussed and charged to the delegate. DP Events Management Ltd will not accept any responsibility for any incident that may arise (including medical conditions) at the forum.


These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales. DP Events Management Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registration Number: 5999870 Register office: 43A St Mary's Rd, Market Harborough LE16 7DS.