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Financial Advisor


Director/Buyer Delegates

Our business forums are specifically designed and set up to bring Purchasing Executives and Suppliers together in one specific industry forum so that business opportunities can be developed and discussed, and strong relationships are forged that will set a platform for future working relationships.


Travel, time, and cost is greatly reduced as all delegates will be based at the same place and will all be attending with the shared intention of discussing supply chain opportunities and securing business for their companies.

Supplier Delegates

Senior management and sales executives attend our forums to meet and sell directly to key decision makers and purchasing executives.

Our forums provide both suppliers and buyers with a unique and highly professional business environment where they can spend quality time meeting each other in schedules of one to one appointments and networking sessions in which supply opportunities and deals can be discussed.


The results speak for themselves with over 90% of all delegates who attend confirming that our forums provide the most direct, cost effective and time efficient route to discuss business opportunities.  

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